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Speak Up Now will at the event to provide information about their organisation and to collect donations. They will have a booth where people can learn more about their organisation and sign up to volunteer.

Wuthering Heights of Mapleton is proud to support Speak Up Now, a local group dedicated to ending domestic and family violence. Since 2020, they've made a significant difference through education and awareness programs.

Here's why we support Speak Up Now:
Empowering our youth:
They provide workshops that teach respectful relationships to students, fostering a culture of kindness and safety.
Supporting vulnerable adults:
They offer resources and training to help seniors identify and avoid elder abuse.
Building a network of support:
They train professionals like hairdressers to recognise signs of domestic violence and connect victims with help.
Spreading awareness:
They distribute safety information cards and hold community forums with experts, keeping domestic violence prevention at the forefront of our minds.

Speak Up Now's success lies in collaboration. They partner with local organisations, law enforcement, and government agencies to offer comprehensive support.

We believe a violence-free community is possible. By supporting Speak Up Now, we can create a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Learn more and get involved! Visit Speak Up Now's website or social media pages to find out about upcoming workshops and resources.

Speak Up Now's participation in the Most Wuthering Heights of Mapleton day is just one example of how we can all help to break down barriers to accessing life-changing domestic violence support. By partnering with others and getting involved we can all raise awareness and provide vital support to victims of domestic violence.

With your help, Speak Up Now can continue to provide support to victims of domestic violence and ensure that no call for help goes unheard.

Sponsors and Supporters

Sunshine Coast Council

Blackall Range Lions Club

Mapleton and District Community Association

Infinite Music, Nambour

Secrets on the Lake, Montville

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